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Friday, August 14, 2015

Alaina's Awesome Day

Today, we spent the last day of our summer vacation at Sea Life Aquarium and Discovery Place Kids for a "get ready for kindergarten" event. It might be one of the best days Alaina has ever had.

Being silly at the aquarium.

A and Z checking out the fish.

Payson, Zack, and Alaina all smiling at the camera (a rare shot).

The eel and the nurse shark at the aquarium love this vase.

Switching it up, the nurse shark gets to stick her head out of the vase.

This is the aquariums Pacific octopus, Ruby. She is "training" now by climbing into the basket on command.

Alaina and I were fascinated by these little eels that popped up out of the sand.

Alaina and I in the aquarium deep sea tunnel.

Alaina really enjoyed the jelly fish that changed color (really, it was the lighting that changed color). This was Alaina's favorite... purple.

Alaina got to meet two of the Octonauts, Quasi and...

Captain Barnacles! 

After our aquarium visit, we headed over to Discovery Place Kids for a "Get Ready for Kindergarten" event. Alaina got to meet her teacher, play in all the DPK stations, and go to some special kindergarten stations. Alaina said that she loved Discovery Place Kids as much as she loves me. :-)

A local dance school had many princesses present for pictures.

At one station Payson and Alaina practiced cutting. I love that Alaina, just like me, colors and cuts with her tongue out (even as I type now, my tongue is out).

My favorite station showed rising kindergarteners how to stand in the lunch line. They got a try, told the "lunch lady" what they wanted for lunch, followed a course to their "table," and then to the clean-up station. When I told Alaina to bus her tray, she told me, "but I haven't even pretended to eat it yet!" So, she and Payson pretended to eat their lunch, then cleaned up their trays.

Finally, as we were leaving, Alaina got to get on "Gus the Bus." She said this was her absolute favorite part of the day... oh, if she only knew how adults felt about riding the bus! She can't wait for kindergarten!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Crazy Hair Day

This week Alaina and Zack turned the splash pad into a hair salon. 

Zack went with an up-do (a mohawk to be exact).

Alaina went with... this. I'm  not sure what to call it.

After we combed through Alaina's hair (which took awhile) we visited the eye doctor to get her glasses adjusted. The accidentally broke her frames so we got these frames, with her lenses, as a loaner pair.

I would have never picked these glasses for Alaina (they are tortoise shell brown and neon green) but they actually look cute on her. Her actual frames will be in next week.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday Fun

Today Alaina, Zack, and I went to the dollar movies, had a picnic, and played in the fountains. It was a great day! 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Beach Visit

This past weekend Harry, Alaina, and I visited my parents in Wilmington. We had a great time going to the beach and visiting the aquarium.
Alaina on the sea turtle at the aquarium. There were also 2 live sea turtles at the aquarium and more sea turtle nests than I could count on the beach. 

Oak Island (where we usually go to the beach) and the Wilmington area have been in the news a lot recently due to numerous shark attacks. We didn't see any sharks at the beach, but we enjoyed watching them at the aquarium. I even petted a shark at the aquarium (Alaina was too afraid to and Harry showed no interest).

Touristy picture through the megladon mouth.

This little girl loves the beach. She wanted to go every day and didn't want to leave in the afternoon. She wasn't even afraid of the sharks that were supposed to be in the water.

Family beach shot on my birthday.

We built this sandcastle on our last beach day.

We finished our trip with a visit to our favorite restaurant, Provisions. I snapped this picture while we were waiting for our table.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Pedals!

Yesterday Harry, Alaina, and I went to the Charlotte Motor Speedway for a bike time trial. Alaina participated in the kids race (around The Legends Track) and Harry participated in the race around the NASCAR track. Both did a great job, although Alaina's chain came off after her second lap. She did get bonus points for riding with her baby doll, Violet. 

Getting ready!

Lined up at the start. 

Go Alaina!! Look at that face!

Baby Violet and Alaina with their medal. 

Harry starting his race. 

Harry racing 

Harry finishing. 

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Movie and Splashing

This morning I picked up Alaina's good buddy (and oldest friend) Zack for a movie, picnic, and some splash time at the splash pad. I love listening to their conversations as I drive them around. They are growing up so quickly. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Little Fish

Last week Alaina took her first ever swimming lessons. Before her lessons, she could sort-of stay afloat (for short periods of time) but couldn't really swim. After just 1 week of lessons, and a lot of practice, she has become a fish!

Swimming under the water...

all the time!

I feel like she is growing up so much this summer. I'm so proud of her (but I also want her to stay my baby).